October 2023 winners

Best Animation

Award Winner – A guerra finita – By Simone Massi
Selected – Expectation – By Nicole Lin
Selected – Maybe – By Smith

Best Documentary

Award Winner – The Victims of Sundarbans – By Dilip Ghosh
Selected – Old Parish Preservation Volunteers – By Maura Smith, Kate Smith
Selected – Remember Me: Dementia in the African American Community – By C. Nathaniel Brown
Selected – Space to “Be” – By john p GOLDEN
Selected – The Search For Maelruan – By Andrew Kenny

Best Music Video

Award Winner – The Invisible – By Guga Lemes, Wagner Almeida, Marcelo Nobre, AndrĂ© Abujamra
Selected – A-Train: Move B*tch – By Chris Carthern, Chong Ahn
Selected – Our Country Screams – By eric willis

Best Feature

Award Winner – SPAGHETTI – By Adom Gierasch
Selected – Bittersweet Tears – By Kelly N Vang
Selected – Calendar – By Nicholas Muhlbach
Selected – Jingle Bell Ranch – By Isaac Rodriguez

Best Short Film

Award Winner- Blood Drive – By Gurinder J Singh
Selected – HAPPINESS – By Shenghao Zhang
Selected – Ink – By Matthew Smaldone
Selected – Soft Spoken – By Nathan J. Lee, Maytham Thurman
Selected – The vineyard – By Antonio Orbe

Best Super-Short Film

Award Winner- Bear With Me – By Alejandro Jimenez
Selected – For Old Times’ Sake – By Prajwal HP, Ankith Anil, Karan S Suri, Bharat Hegde, Hrithik S, Ankit Sagar, Ankul Dev

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