“The LloydPergs” (short 2023): A Charming Tale of Filmmaking Adventures

“The LloydPergs” is a 10-minute short film directed by Gavin Lloyd and Shane Pergrem that takes audiences on a delightful journey into the world of indie filmmaking. Focusing on the story of making a horror film, this charming production offers a unique and refreshing perspective.

The plot of “The LloydPergs” centers around a young filmmaker, portrayed by Gavin Lloyd himself, as he enters a local film competition. His stepfather, played by Shane Pergrem, an experienced filmmaker, presents what he believes to be the “perfect” idea for an award-winning horror movie. However, as the story unfolds, things don’t go quite as planned, leading to a series of unexpected and comedic events.

One of the highlights of “The LloydPergs” is its ability to engage viewers with its intriguing and novel story. By focusing on the process of making a horror film rather than relying on gore or blood, the filmmakers demonstrate their creativity and offer a fresh take on the genre. The story’s quirky nature keeps the audience guessing and entertained throughout its brief duration.

In terms of technical aspects, the editing in “The LloydPergs” is commendable. The filmmakers employ interesting computer techniques to enhance certain scenes, adding visual appeal to the overall presentation. However, at times, use of background sound can help transfer the feeling of the scene and story.

The camera work in the film is effective, capturing different locations and providing visual variety. Despite the limitations of a low-budget production, the filmmakers manage to utilize their resources well, delivering engaging shots that complement the storytelling. The different locations add depth and dimension to the narrative, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

In terms of acting, the performances in “The LloydPergs” are suitable for a low-budget short film. Gavin Lloyd and Shane Pergrem bring authenticity to their roles, portraying the dynamics between a young filmmaker and his stepfather. While not exceptional, their acting adequately serves the story and contributes to the film’s charm.

Overall, “The LloydPergs” has utilized camera and editing to tell a delightful story. This low-budget production presents a charming and enjoyable viewing experience for audiences looking for a lighthearted adventure into the world of indie filmmaking.

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