2014 DFCS Awards

Here are the 2014 Denver Film Critics Society nominees and winners.

Disclaimer: The following selections are reviewed and selected by DFCS members, who may or may not be a reviewer on this website.

Best Original Song
Song: “Let It Go”
Inside Llewyn Davis
Ethan Coen (music and lyrics), Joel Coen (music and lyrics), Justin Timberlake (music and lyrics), T Bone Burnett (music and lyrics), George Cromarty (music and lyrics), Ed Rush (music and lyrics)
Song: “Please Mr. Kennedy”
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Bono (music and lyrics), The Edge (music), Adam Clayton (music), Larry Mullen Jr. (music), Danger Mouse (music)
Song: “Ordinary Love”
The Great Gatsby
Lana Del Rey (music and lyrics), Rick Nowels (music)
Song: “Young and Beautiful”
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Chris Martin (music and lyrics), Guy Berryman (music and lyrics), Jon Buckland (music and lyrics), Will Champion (music and lyrics)
Song: “Atlas”
Best Science-Fiction/Horror Film

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