May 2023, Denver Monthly Film Awards

Greetings film enthusiasts! We are thrilled to share the excitement and anticipation of the May 2023 Denver Monthly Film Awards. As the curtain rises on this prestigious event, we are honored to showcase the nominees and winners in the following categories:

Category: Best Super-short Film

First up, we have the super short films category, where filmmakers have pushed the boundaries of storytelling within the confines of 6 minutes or less. From thought-provoking dramas to heartwarming comedies, these films are a testament to the power of brevity in storytelling. Our esteemed panel of judges had the challenging task of selecting the nominees and ultimately, the winner for this category.

WinnerDownsizing by Bil Richardson
FinalistsMETAL by Florian Delhormeau
Viska by matteus valente
NomineesGood Friday by Adrian Patino
Ode From Malum by Kelton White
After You by Gabin Romer, Alex Pingüino
Crown by Felix Sampow
The Note by Siavash Eydani
Single Life by Jiandong Shen
Balloon by Summer Douar
Escape by Olivia Rose White

Category: Best Short Film

Next, we have the short films category, featuring films ranging from 6 to 45 minutes in length. These films captivate audiences with their unique narratives, compelling characters, and stunning visuals. From gripping thrillers to poignant documentaries, the nominees in this category represent the diverse and dynamic world of cinema.

Winner“Angelman” by Sacha Picard
Finalists“TRAINS.” by Robert Priel
“By Any Other Name” by Daniel Deville
“No.9” by Ali Safari
“Good Session” by Larry Rosen
NomineesWelcome To Hollywood by Cam Duncan
Bank Man Fraud by Jesse Rosenberg
Why so noisy by Liyan Zhou
“gun to the head” by Christian Michael Veninga, Mithi Sivaprakash
Supermodel by Nicole Wensel
On the beach by A.Hassan Keivan
Digging Two Graves by Declan Duggan
Feed by Nick Wilson
Fracture by Amir Mohtashami, Ali Sineh Baghi Zadeh
The Emotional Support Center:Coulrophobia by Daniel Guzman
“White room” by mohammad hossein safari roudbar
Shooting Blanks by Michael Taylor
Fireflower by Chad Avalon
Gaia by Hector Quijano
Like Son, Like Father by Mark Bethea
Life Unexpected by Ashley Ephraim
Shadow Puppets by Penn Pauletich
“R talks to D /or/ The Rabbits Hole” by Alex van Ric
Traces on the wall by ASEL ABAKIROVA
Casually (Not) Dating by Tim Mosley

Category: Best Feature Film

Then, we have the feature films category, showcasing the best of the best in filmmaking. These films have taken audiences on unforgettable journeys, weaving rich stories and showcasing exceptional performances. From epic dramas to heartwarming comedies, the nominees in this category have left an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

WinnerDOG – (2022) by Federico Alotto
FinalistsA Town Full of Ghosts by Isaac Rodriguez
L’AXE LOURD [ The Highway ] by Stephen Nkengafec Nchonganyi
NomineesJoe Haladin: The Case of the Missing Sister by Jody Stelzig
Camino Unreal by Chris Voth
Isleness by Vincenzo Totaro

Category: Best Animation

WinnerOn The Haunt by Joy Zhou
FinalistsThe Source 1996 by Ivy Luxen
FLOW OF LIFE by Solweig von Kleist
NomineesA Horrible Surprise by Anna Jeannette Price
EDNA – Tutorial by Isabelle Friedman
Electro Dude by Henry Fothergill
flight by sadegh ghasemi

Category: Best Documentary

WinnerTesla’s Medicine: The Universal Fluid by Robert William Connolly
FinalistsFaith in Blackness: An Exploration of AfroLatine Spirituality by Charles Reynoso
Terra Australis Incognita by Andrii Andreiev
The Vow of the Land by Hao Lin
NomineesThe Hearts that Foster Care by Paul Brenno
Interception: Jayne Kennedy • American Sportscaster by Safiya Songhai
L’ESCALE by Antoine Sextier
The Dawsonians by Roberto Riveros Jimenez
Devotional Skin by Constanza Cáceres, Francisca Basaure
WAKING UP A WIDOWER by David grewe
Limbo by Giovanna Heroso, Alana Ismail

Category: Best Music Video

Winner“Gold In Them Hills” by Jeremy Johnstone
Machine (Acoustic Version) – Official Music Video by Meg Pfeiffer
Nominees“Holyloop, a never-ending music video” by GILLES RAILLARD
Brains by Peter Renzullo
Thinkin Bout… by Lee Fitzjames
“Nothin’ Last 4eva” by Hector Quijano
SOUND OF THE SOUL by Flavio Sciolè
Kaleidoscope by Lukas Reuß